Fresh Herbs & Soft Cheese Omelette

There is a beautiful simplicity in a folded omelette filled with the tang of goat cheese and bright fresh herbs. Each forkful provides a tidy creamy bite of blended, contrasting flavours. In fact, I think it is the perfect lunch (or very light dinner) for one or two. But why am I so cautious, and [...]

Fresh Vegetable Turnovers with Goat Cheese

  With some leftover phyllo in the freezer from recent spanakopita adventures, it seemed fortuitous that I came across this recipe that was waiting patiently in an old recipe file. (Remember the days of clipping out recipes from magazines?!) Crispy layers of phyllo are a quick ticket to deliciousness, and it just seems like a [...]

Rustic Winter Meal: Bacon, Cabbage, and White Bean Soup

Despite cabbage’s humble reputation, I am a big fan of it. Not just become my mother makes amazing cabbage rolls (a recipe for another day), but also because when you cook cabbage down, it takes on this gorgeous sweetness that marries really well with smoky flavours. Plus, it is so cheap, and so healthy–cancer-fighting and [...]

Greek Feast Part II: Pastistio

  Blending spiced meat with a rich ricotta and feta cream sauce, and interlacing this all with pasta makes pastistio a fantastic special occasion dish. The fact that you can make it in advance of your party–so you can spend your time with your guests, flitting about with a wine glass in your hand–is not [...]

Greek Feast Part I: Spanakopita Two Ways

Spanakopita close up

I am crazy about Greek food, and have been daydreaming about tzatiki, pitas, and feta-y things for a while. My personal favourite dish is spanakopita–flaky layers of crispy pastry wrapped around tangy greens and briny cheese–what’s not to love? Luke’s favourite is pastistio, the marvelous Greek variation of a lasagna. Long noodles layered with a [...]