Tomato Chickpea Feta Soup

tomato feta soup

A simple and delicious soup.

I love fresh off-the-vine, straight-from-the-farm produce as much as the next gal. But every once in a while, I just want to throw dinner together with nothing more complicated than a can opener and some cans.

As is probably clear by now, I am fairly obsessed with soup in the winter. Especially thick, rich tomato soup simmered with plenty of onions, crumbled feta and chickpeas. And if I can fuel this obsession with a few flourishes of the can opener and all of thirty minutes, I’m pretty happy about that.

This simple soup recipe, given to me many moons ago by a sweet friend (thanks, Carolyn!) always makes me happy. It is one of those friendly dishes that doesn’t deserve to taste as good as it does, for the amount of effort it entails.Which is zero.

The hardest part about this is slicing your onions and the taxing work of crumbling some feta. For a dark weeknight where the day feels much shorter than is fair, this kind of dinner is not a bad deal.

Tomato Chickpea Feta Soup
Yields 6 1-cup servings

A richly flavourful and simple meal in a bowl. Tangy feta and nutty chickpeas nestle in a thick base of tomatoes and onions.

1 tablespoon olive oil
2 large onions, finely sliced

540 ml chickpeas, drained and rinsed (19oz can)

796 ml diced tomatoes (28oz)

796 ml crushed tomatoes (28oz)

1/2 cup feta, crumbled

1 teaspoon salt (to taste; careful if your feta is salty)
1 teaspoon dried basil (optional) or dill (optional)

1 cup broth (optional)

splash of balsamic vinegar

In a medium saucepan, heat your oil over medium heat. Add your finely sliced onions and saute for about 5 minutes, or until soft.

Add the chickpeas, tomatoes, feta, and salt. Simmer for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Grind in some fresh pepper and taste for seasoning.

Add your splash of balsamic vinegar. If it needs more flavour, add a bit more salt. You can add some dried basil or dill if you’d like (I don’t find them necessary).

This makes a thick, thick soup. If you find the consistency too thick, add a cup of broth and mix in well. Simmer until heated through and serve.

Nutrition Facts
per 1 of 6 servings: 257 calories; 6.5g fat; 44g carb; 8.8g fibre; 9.0g protein


  1. Oh this sounds heavenly! I love all those ingredients so they just have to taste fabulous! :-)

  2. This looks like perfect winter weeknight food! Sometimes I love just being able to thow dinner together – and when it's healthy and tasty, well that's pretty much the trifecta of mid-week cuisine! Yum!

  3. Obsessed with soup? Well, that makes 2 of us! So rich, almost like a stew.

  4. This looks really hearty. Perfectly complimented with some nice crusty bread.

  5. Tomato soup is one of my favourites. I can't wait to try this recipe and will definitely pair it with some nice bread as well.

  6. I know I will love this soup and it's so great to have some options for those time crunched nights. I am trying to decide the best lactose free replacement for feta… maybe tofu? Let me know if you have any suggestions! K

  7. so much yummy food posted over the last few days!

    Monica H

  8. I bet this all depends on the quality of the tomatoes you use. Got a favorite brand? I plan to take this recipe for a spin tonight!

  9. Anon, I would suggest baked cubes of marinated tofu as a feta replacement. I also have made the soup without the feta several times–it's always delicious.

    Melissa, that's a good point. I'm going to be totally honest and reveal my cheapie side by saying that I just buy the cheapest canned tomatoes…but no doubt really good quality canned tomatoes would make it even better!

  10. I just made this, and it was delicious! Except for the fact that I accidentally dumped in what seemed like a half ton of peppercorns. It'll be fun fishing those out! :-)

  11. nothing wrong with being a little thrifty!

  12. Christina, I'm glad it was delicious! So sad about the peppercorns….

  13. I made this tonight with the tofu instead of feta. It was a big hit! We toasted crusty bread to dip into it.. delicious! I will take the leftovers for lunch…K
    ps go for the splash of balsamic (nice balsamic) is a lovely little addition

  14. Fabulouso, K! Now I want to try it with baked tofu. :)

  15. I made it! oh man, so simple and yummy. I screwed up numerous times (multitasking), but love it anyway. Despite dumping in an extra can of crushed tomatoes. :)

  16. Good to hear, Melissa! I love recipes like this that are highly resilient. :) I am ALWAYS doing too much in the kitchen so it's practically a requirement for me.

  17. We really enjoyed this for dinner tonight. I pureed the tomatoes before adding the feta and chickpeas, to make it more child-friendly, and it went over really well. :)

  18. This is my go to soup to make.. very hearty and comforting!

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